Completing the $10 million campaign for the O’Hare Academic Building

The renovation and expansion of the O’Hare Academic Building has added flexible, technologically current spaces for experiential learning and enlarged facilities for the University’s biology and chemistry, business, mathematical sciences, nursing and social work programs.

During visits to O’Hare, Mrs. Samuel M.V. Hamilton – longtime Salve Regina benefactor and grandparent of graduates – was impressed with the newly created open space where all areas, including labs and instructional spaces, intersect. The fundraising campaign for O’Hare has yielded $9 million toward a $10 million goal. In order to complete the campaign, Mrs. Hamilton will contribute $250,000 if at least 1,000 graduates support the project and an additional $750,000 is raised by the University.

For a donation of $1,000 or more, donors will have their name included on a plaque in O’Hare. Individual naming opportunities begin at the $5,000 level.

Supporters of the Hamilton Challenge

Jonathan Turrisi ’05

Ashley Tomaselli Turrisi ’07

Alexandria, VA 




“We have so many fond memories of our time at Salve and are grateful for the professors and staff who helped to cultivate the skills and knowledge needed for success. The lifelong relationships built at Salve have enriched our lives in innumerable ways, and in this spirit, we are proud to continue our support for the university.”

Tim Logan ’80 and Rita Sevigny Logan ’82

Stamford, CT




“Be Your Best Self was the invitation presented to us by Salve Regina when we attended many years ago. We believe that Salve is still helping students to discover their best academic, cultural, spiritual and civic selves today. Won’t you join us in support of this special mission?”

Billy Prendergast ’01

Integrated Properties
Miami Beach, FL





"I'm happy to support the Hamilton Challenge because I was able to meet great friends and was able explore things that interest me like music and Lacrosse. I am more than happy to support Salve. This was the perfect school for me."

Sara Duda Clary '00

Hinsdale, Illinois 




"I'm proud to support the Hamilton Challenge at Salve because I believe in the mission of the University and the Sisters of Mercy."

Chris Holloway '85 and Ellen Koslowski Holloway '87 M '88

Old Lyme, CT 




“The O’Hare Academic Center Renovation and Expansion project will enhance the learning experience for students and the teaching environment for faculty and staff. Our past experience at Salve was positive and this timely fundraising effort and Hamilton Challenge allows us to join others and give back to help build a bright future. This project will have a significant impact on Salve’s future educational environment and makes a great University better.”

Catherine Canilla Branch '85 and Tom Branch

Salve Regina Parents
Sea Grit, NJ
Boston, MA





“I’m very pleased to know that my daughter Nina will be able to realize the many advantages of the Salve Regina experience. I remember taking classes in O’Hare and feeling so fortunate to be able to attend college in such a beautiful setting. We are thankful that Nina will be able to take classes in the improved O’Hare Academic Building.”

Josh Belfiore ’10

Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch
Glastonberry, CT



"It’s a real point of pride to look at O’Hare and know that, through the Hamilton Challenge, I was able to play a role in re-energizing such a staple part of campus – and to know I’ll be able to walk along the cliff walk and always be reminded of the tangible benefits of giving back to Salve.”

Katherine Aldrich ’86 

Col. Kevin Wild, USMC
Arlington, VA



“I want to support Salve because my Salve experience - my education, my friends, and co-curricular/extra-curricular activities - provided the foundation for so much of what I have accomplished in the last 30 years.  Supporting Salve and its mission will help provide that same foundation to current and future Salve students.”

John McGinty ’06 

Accounts Payable Coordinator at New England College of Optometry
Boston, MA



“I support the Hamilton Challenge campaign because it’s about building a better future for current and future students.“