The Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy is a multidisciplinary research center focused at the intersection of politics, policies and ideas. Dedicated to honoring Sen. Claiborne Pell's legacy, the center promotes American engagement in the world, effective government at home and civic participation by all Americans. 

Pell Center Operations Fund

Your gift in support of Pell Center operations will benefit the priority projects of the center, including cyber leadership, leadership matters, Story in the Public Square and global challenges. You may read about these important initiatives on the Pell Center's page, as well as read news and related information about the work of the Pell Center staff and fellows.

Nuala Pell Leadership Program in Public Service

Established in 2013 in honor of the late Nuala Pell, wife of Sen. Claiborne Pell and University trustee, this fund prepares future leaders in public service by providing selected undergraduates with seminar instruction and service opportunities focusing on leadership and the complex challenges facing effective leaders today.