Partnering with Salve Regina is an investment in the future of our next generation. By supporting our community, you can influence the lives of our students and help them achieve their dreams. There are a number of opportunities that your business or corporation can get involved with in order to make these dreams a reality. Whether it is event sponsorship, partnerships or developing a matching gift program, joining the Salve Regina community can advance your company’s strategic positioning, mission and goals

Event Sponsorship

Salve Regina hosts fundraising events throughout the year in support of student scholarships. These events help to provide the funds necessary for the 85 percent of our students who rely on some sort of financial aid to complete their degree. 

Event opportunities include: 

By sponsoring a fundraising event, you are not only supporting our students in need but are creating an opportunity for exposure and networking with our vast community of corporate business partners, alumni, parents and students. Here at Salve Regina, we thrive off of our dedicated community and invite you to become a part of it!


Partnering with Salve Regina is a great way to be a part of our community. Partnerships can include anything from discounted rates at your local business to internship opportunities for our students. Collaborations like these enable us to provide unique opportunities to our students and alumni while becoming more active in our community locally, regionally and globally. 

Matching Gifts

Setting up a matching gift program at your company allows alumni employees to leverage their support for the University. If you have a Salve Regina graduate as an employee, this is a great way to support alumni supporting their alma mater.

Interested in learning more about giving opportunities that are best suited to your corporation or business?

Contact Meggin Smith, corporate giving officer, at (401) 341-2381 to learn how Salve Regina supports your mission.